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At Tryptic, authors come to us with a wide range of experience. Some are published authors that are familiar with all aspects of publishing. Others are first time authors that need more advice and help navigating the book making process. Because of this, we have tailored our Assisted Self Publishing service to allow for these differing needs and enable authors to choose only those services that they require.


All authors - even those with vast experience - benefit from expert guidance with editing and design. We offer various levels of help with these, and you are free to choose the level that best suits your needs and your budget.


We will help you determine the most likely audience for your book. If you decide that your book has the potential to reach a wide audience, you should consider submitting your book for our full service model. On the other hand, if your subject matter is aimed at a very specific locale or audience, you should be able, with our help, to handle the sales and marketing yourself.


Books that are created for a specific audience, such as a civic group or a company, are ideally suited to have an imprint and logo that reflect this.


If your target audience are members of a club, a civic group, a school, or any organised group, they are more likely to buy your book if the imprint makes it clear that it is approved by that organisation. This is also the perfect way to mark such things as a family history or memoir by using the family name as the imprint.


Perhaps you or your group already have a logo. If not, our team can work with you to create a custom design to grace the spine and title page of your book.



Send Manusript

Once we receive your manuscript, we begin the process by working with you to establish your needs and provide you with a quote.



You decide what level of editorial help you need, and we assign an editor that shares your vision and helps to finalise the text.


Design & Illustration

We find the right designer and/or illustrator to work on your book. It's always so exciting to see the book come to life.


Print & Deliver

We select the best printer and the best prices. You receive the books and we give you the tools you need to sell them.


Tell us about your project.





We are pleased to answer your questions and provide you with a quote.


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