The combined experiences of our directors and staff enable us to offer a comprehensive array of publishing and printing services. We are here to help guide you through every step of the publishing process and to make the finished book or product surpass even your highest hopes.



When you look at the acknowledgements page of any book, one person that is almost always thanked by the author is the editor. Editors are a crucial part of the book making process and are worth their weight in gold.


Almost every best-selling book has gone through several rounds of edits, with the editor working carefully with the author to turn a text into a finished masterpiece. Once you have completed your manuscript, our editorial staff can help you polish your draft to a market-ready book of which you can be proud.


Every book we publish is placed with an editor that shares your passion for the genre. Our editors will not alter your voice; they will simply work with you to enhance it. We work with many editors that have extensive experience in traditional publishing houses.


We offer three levels of editing services to meet your budget and make the most of your book. These are explained in detail below.






Copy editors are experienced proofreaders. They correct errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. They also check for consistency and look for factual errors.


At publishing houses, the copy editor is usually the last person to check a manuscript before it is sent to the printer.


There is nothing more embarrassing than finding an error in a printed book. The copy editor will help insure that this won't happen to you.






Content editing involves concentrating on the big picture, rather than such details as grammatical or factual errors.


Your editor will make certain that everything in your book makes sense and that the characters and plot are believable and consistent. They will also let you know if your dialogue needs work or if the pace of the book could be improved.


A content editor will help you make your book right for the audience you intend to reach.






Line editing, as the name implies, is a line-by-line evaluation of the writing style of a book. Line editors are responsible for assessing the style and language used in a manuscript.


They look for such things as words that are repeated too often or are unnecessary. They will tell you if a passage needs to be rewritten because it is confusing or unclear.


They make certain that you communicate your story in the most effective may.





We realise that you have put your heart into writing your book, and our job is to make certain that the look of your book maximises its appeal to potential readers. While it is said that "you can't judge a book by its cover", it is undeniable that good cover design is what first attracts a reader. Less obvious, but equally crucial, is sympathetic interior design. We understand the importance of creating a cohesive design from cover to cover that doesn't distract from your words, but makes them accessible.


Many books, such as children's books, require a substantial number of illustrations or photographs throughout the text. What is less apparent is that even novels and other books without interior illustrations benefit enormously from a careful choice of fonts and spacing.


One of our designers was once asked by a child whether she drew the pictures or wrote the words. Her answer was that she created all the white space between them. While amusing, there is certainly truth in this. The words, the pictures, and the white space form a balance that work together to create an effortless and enjoyable reading experience.




Young children are drawn into a book by its pictures. We make certain that they are eye-catching and that they compliment your words.


  • Illustrations or photographs that bring your words to life
  • A cover that makes a child want to see more
  • A designer that understands what you want to communicate and shares your vision
  • An artist that you choose to work with




Effective interior design doesn't draw attention to itself. It allows the words to speak for themselves in an unencumbered way.


  • A designer experienced in all aspects of interior design
  • A layout and design that is attractive and eye-catching
  • A look that compliments rather than overshadowing the words
  • Text that is accessible and easy on the eye




eBooks are used by a significant and growing section of the reading public. They are an important means of reaching a wide readership.


  • A designer that is familiar with all aspects of eBook publishing
  • Music, videos and other enhancements can be added
  • Designed to make the most of the format
  • Visuals add a new dimension to printed books




The choice and style of illustrations in these books is an essential ingredient in attracting a reader's attention and providing a satisfying experience.


  • A designer with experience in the genre
  • Illustrations or photographs that enhance your message
  • A front cover that makes an impact and a back cover that helps to sell the book
  • Imaginative layout that increases the impact of your words




A strong front cover makes your book stand out in a crowded market. A back cover provides information that will make a reader want to look inside.


  • A designer with vast experience in cover design
  • An image that communicates your message
  • A look that attracts attention
  • A cover that entices the reader to want to know more




While most of our work involves books, we are also highly experienced in all areas of printed material.


  • A designer with experience with your type of material
  • Artwork or photographs to help convey your message
  • Charts, tables and graphs to supplement your information
  • A design that attracts attention




We can arrange to print any material that has already been designed and edited.





We can design and/or print any material to meet all of your business needs.


  • Custom designed and edited materials
  • Any format or trim size
  • Superior quality printing
  • Competitive prices to meet your budget
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Any size print run




To one degree or another, all books benefit from illustrations to make your words come to life. Cover design is a prime example, since it is the most important aspect of grabbing a potential reader's attention. In some cases, such as children's picture books, the illustrations often occupy more space than the words and are crucial to sparking a child's imagination. They work jointly in collaboration with the text to tell the story.


We take pride in finding illustrators that are excited by the challenge of sympathetically interpreting your words and bringing them vividly to life. Often photographs are what are needed, and we will provide you with a vast array of choices.



The person that illustrates your book is very much a partner, and we take great care in helping you choose the right artist from the choices that we will offer you. Our years of experience have allowed us to establish relationships with a wide range of talented illustrators and artists. You will be shown examples of each candidate's work, and the choice will be yours. It is your book, and it is important that the person with whom you choose to work shares your vision.



Maybe you need a cover image, an author picture for your book or images for the interior. We can show you the multitude of photographs that are available at no cost. If none of these fits the bill, we can show you images that are available for a fee. We can even commission a photographer to work with you to help you capture exactly what you have in mind. If you have pictures of your own that you want to include, we will help make certain that these will reproduce well.




ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number. This 13-digit number identifies a specific book, an edition of a book, or a book-like product (such as an audiobook). An ISBN is assigned to each edition and variation (except reprints) of a book. For example, paperback, hardcover and audio book editions of the same book would each have a different ISBN. Since 1970, ISBNs are required on all books sold in all traditional book markets. The barcode that appears on the cover of the book represents the ISBN.


If you intend to limit sales privately to friends, family and your personal website and do not wish to sell your book to a larger market, this may not be necessary. However, if you would like to list your book on sites such as Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Ingram and make it available in bookstores, you will need an ISBN.


For more information on ISBN, please see our FAQ.



The key to selling as many books as possible is bringing it to the attention of a wide audience and making it stand out from the crowd. This requires imagination and constant effort.


There have been many examples of books that began life as a small self publishing venture taking off and appearing on bestselling lists. Several have caught the attention of traditional publishers that have seen the success of the book and negotiated with the author to add the title to their publishing program. In many cases, this has resulted in the books becoming major national bestsellers and have launched successful careers of the authors.


The reason for this phenomenon in every case is an effective and clever marketing campaign.


We provide every Tryptic author with information about basic marketing strategies and techniques. You will learn how to list your book on retailers' websites, how to bring it to the attention of reviewers and blog hosts, and how to target specific markets using social media. We can custom design a website for you that will be a major contributing factor to your success.


If you would like more individual help and attention, we can provide a PR agent that can construct a multi-layered marketing campaign for you. If you think your book has wide appeal to a variety of markets, this can assure that all possible means of reaching those audiences will be maximised. Possibilities include targeted local or national advertising campaigns, social media and gaining the often illusive attention of influential reviewers.


Writing your book and having it produced is just the first step of becoming a successful author. Marketing, and the sales that result, are the next essential stage.



One of the key and most effective ways to market a book is through a dedicated website. Tryptic can custom design a website platform for you to help you promote your book and maximise your sales. Whatever your budget and whatever you needs - from basic to advanced - we will design a user friendly site that will reflect the design and nature of your book.


Although this is an additional expense to your marketing budget, the fact that you receive more money for each book when you sell direct helps to defray this cost. We can set up a shopping cart on the site and make it possible for your customers to make payments directly to you.


It is important to note that selling books yourself does not prevent you from also listing your book on other platforms such as Amazon, Apple and bookshops.


You will own all rights to the website. It is your property but Tryptic can help you make changes at any time - even after the website is launched. We can offer on going support to deal with any issues that arise.


Your website will give you direct contact with and feedback from your customers. This is very useful information as you fine tune your marketing plan. We are certain that you will find your website to be an invaluable tool as you market and sell your book.


Tryptic offers consulting services to authors and to individuals and companies involved in all aspects of publishing.


Whether you are a new or an established author, you may need help and advice about understanding and navigating the ever changing world of publishing. Our many years' experience, combined with our determination to keep up with changes as they occur, make us ideally suited to advise you.


Consultation can be useful at every stage of a book's development.


Our editors are experienced at offering help and advice even before you begin writing your book. Whether you intend to publish your book yourself or submit it to an agent or publisher, an experienced editor can listen to your idea and point you in the right direction as you decide how to develop your story. They can continue to evaluate your work and advise you as the book develops.


Our team of marketing experts are available to lend a hand, even to those of you whose books are already published.

Professional marketing advice can make all the difference to the success of a book.


People that are working in the industry - publishers, editors and agents, for example - sometimes need outside help for a particular project or need someone with whom to brainstorm. Publishers occasionally encounter technical problems with their files at the final stages of production. We have experience correcting these problems and we can work to a tight deadline.


Our team of consultants, representing all areas of the publishing process, are happy to help.


Tell us about your project.





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