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  • Traditional publishing style for the self published author
  • Experienced veterans in the publishing industry
  • Customized services
  • You have choices and control
  • Editors and designers to collaborate with you
  • Artists and illustrators to bring words to life
  • High quality and affordable printing

Our approach is simple: we always remember that each client has invested enormous energy, time and creative thought in the work they have placed in our care. If it is a book, in a sense, is the author's child, and it is our responsibility to treat that child with care and help it reach its maximum potential.


The publishing services we offer are many and varied, but, in each of them, we offer choices, and the final decision in all cases belongs to the client.


Unlike many self publishing and production companies, we don't use cookie cutter solutions or options. Every service is customised for each individual client and we can work to any budget.


Our goal is to make certain that anyone that is chosen to work with you shares your enthusiasm for your particular genre and believes in the potential of the work you have created.


We provide general advice and information about the publishing process to give you what you need to make decisions. We have editors that are experienced in all areas of the process to help you make the most of your words. Our designers create a look that allows those words to have the greatest impact.

Our long-established relationships with a variety of printers around the world insure that, through them, we will provide you with careful attention to detail at competitive prices, regardless of the size of the print run.


Throughout each step in the process - from submitting your material to receiving your printed product - you will have individual and careful attention to guide and help you as your work comes to life.


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Each member of the Tryptic team has extensive experience in publishing and production. Our fields of expertise vary and cover all areas of the publishing process. We share a creative passion, and we share the fact that the aspect of our work that gives us the most satisfaction is working closely with the client.


We work with large network of editors, designers, artists and photographers, each of whom is experienced at collaborating with the originator of the work. Because we have carefully selected these people, we can assure you that each is highly qualified in their field.


If all you need is one of these services, we are happy to arrange for one of these talented people to work with you. For example, authors that are beginning to work on a book often find the advice of an editor with whom they can discuss their idea at an early stage very useful.


Tryptic has a good working relationship with many high quality printers that can produce any size print run at reasonable prices. So, if you have something that is ready to be printed, we can arrange that for you and guarantee that the quality and price will please you.


We are creative people, and we enjoy working with talented people to bring the printed word to life. Most of all, we enjoy helping clients make their dream a reality.

Daniel Devlin

Managing Partner


Daniel has worked with some of the top children's book publishers as a designer and Art Director, producing books by an impressive list of authors and illustrators. He also works as an artist.

Andy Hannan

Managing Partner


Andy has worked for many years in print production and as a production and publishing consultant to publishers. He also has extensive experience in co-edition and foreign rights sales.

Brett Brubaker

Managing Partner


Brett has worked in the publishing industry as a P/R and Marketing Manager, Book Packager, Children's Book Publisher and continues to work as a Literary Agent with David Ford Books.

Katarina Dragoslavic

Art Director


Katarina has worked with many UK publishers, designing beautifully illustrated award-winning books. She also works as as an illustrator and fine artist.


"Publication was more than I expected. The quality of the paper and binding of the cover was excellent. There was a real synthesis between the design, the production and the content. Tryptic was able to offer me better pricing than their competitors without sacrificing quality. I look forward to working with them again."

Brian Dawn Chalkey

Author of 'The Alterity and Identity of Trans Imaginess'


"I found the Tryptic team knowledgeable, creative and efficient – a genuine pleasure to work with. They produced 200 hardback copies of my alphabet book. The quality of the book is top-notch, and at a price far better than the big online firm I was initially using. I recommend them without reservation."

Jonathan Hope

Author of 'A is for Donkeys'


"I have had the pleasure if working closely with all of the partners in Tryptic for many years. I have depended on them, and they have never let me down. In fact, they have always surpassed my expectations. I can assure you that you and your book are in the safest possible hands."

David Ford

Founding President, Candlewick Press, US

"I highly recommend that you place your work with Tryptic. I have worked with great pleasure with Brett and Daniel for many years, and it has always been a pleasurable and creative experience. Andy has been instrumental in guiding my books through the production process, and the great care with which he has done so has always resulted in beautifully produced books."

Amelia Edwards

Founding Art Director, Walker Books, UK



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We don't ask you to make decisions or fill our lengthy forms before contacting us. We don't have pre-determined packages from which you have to choose. Each book or project is unique. If you tell us what you want to accomplish, we will reply promptly and work with you to give you the information you need to make informed decisions.

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