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Tryptic provides a full range of design, editorial and production services for all manner of printed materials. Whether you are an author that wants to self publish a book, an individual that wants to create stationary, invitations or records of family memorabilia, or a business or corporation that wants to produce company reports, brochures or flyers, we are here to help. 


Because of our extensive relationship with editors, designers, illustrators, photographers and printers, we are able to handle all aspects of your job. If you need someone to edit and design your material, we will do so with full consultation with you to achieve the result you want. If you simply need someone to print material that is ready to go to press, our vast range of printing options will offer you the highest quality results at reasonable prices for any size print run.


One of the most notable trends in the book publishing industry over the past few years has been the significant rise in the number of self published books. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of self published titles increased by nearly 400%. There is no indication that this trend will diminish.


There are many reasons for this. It is increasingly difficult for an aspiring author to obtain the services of a literary agent, and most established publishers will not consider publishing a book unless it is submitted to them by an agent.


Self publishing has become an invaluable resource that enables authors to take control of their work and to reach a wide audience without depending upon traditional publishers.


Although established publishers have all the resources necessary to take a book from a manuscript to a finished product, some authors prefer to control all of these steps themselves. There have been examples of well-known bestselling authors publishing their own books - most notably Stephen King, James Redfield, Margaret Atwood, Rudyard Kipling and Ernest Hemmingway.


The technological advances in the field of 'print on demand' have also been a major factor. Since it is now possible to print a small quantity of books only when they are needed, authors are able to publish a book for a limited market - for example, family and friends or members of a club or organization.


Given this background, it is not surprising that more and more authors are thinking of publishing their books themselves.


In response to this, there is now a vast amount of information available on the internet offering advice to aspiring authors. Although much of this advice can be useful, many of the websites offering self-publishing services are so complicated and confusing that it is difficult for authors to come away with a clear understanding of what is involved. They are asked to make choices and decisions without being given the information and guidance they need for these decisions to be informed. They are often to ask to choose from a list of pre-determined formats and types of paper for producing their book.


We don't ask you to choose a cookie-cutter format or process into which your book will fit. Each client is individual, each book is different and special. We will work with you to decide what size and shape suits your needs best and will be most sympathetic to the message you want to convey. We will also give you a choice of paper and binding material. For example, books that include artwork require a different standard of paper than that which is normally used for a novel.


Once these decisions are made, we will make certain that the book will be produced at a price that will fit your budget. You are likely to discover that we are able to obtain prices for high quality materials and manufacturing, that are less than those offered by our competitors for a lower quality product.


At Tryptic, we are committed to helping writers become authors. Our team of highly experienced industry professionals are here to guide authors through the many decisions that have to be made as a manuscript becomes a printed book.


Our self publishing clients are able to choose between two different levels of support – Assisted Self Publishing and Hybrid Publishing.


Our Assisted Self Publishing service is designed for those authors that have a ready market for their book or who do not need wide access to commercial channels that are handled by a sales force. Each client is able to examine the many services that we offer and choose only those that suit their needs. Once the book is produced, we deliver it to the author, who then takes control of all aspects of sales and marketing.


Authors that choose Hybrid Publishing service are also able to choose the specific services that they need. The major difference between this approach and à la carte is that the books from full service clients are eligible to be included in one of our publishing imprints. We carefully evaluate each book to determine its commercial appeal to a wide audience. On average, about 20% of the books that are submitted to us meet this criterion. Those that are accepted are placed in one of our imprints alongside other titles with a similar appeal. We then handle the marketing of the book and include it among the titles that are shown by our sales force to retail outlets.


Whichever service you choose, we apply the same degree of detailed attention when handling your book. The same care is given to all other printed material, whether it be a simple flyer or a lengthy corporate report or catalogue.


Because we are a small and efficient company, we are able to offer tailor-made services at a cost that is often considerably less than our larger competitors. We work with a variety of carefully selected printers. This enables us to handle any size print run - from a few copies to many thousands. It also makes it possible for us to obtain economical printing prices without sacrificing the quality of the final product.


Tryptic was founded on the principle that self published books could be better designed and produced and that self published authors need and deserve a level of support and advice that was once universally practiced in the established publishing world.


Authors that place their books with us can be assured that their questions will be answered promptly and fully, that they will be offered choices as they make decisions throughout the process, that they will be given easily-understood advice as they make these choices. They will work with editors, designers and production experts that appreciate the importance of their work and share their desire to make the most of it.  


Most importantly, we never forget that all decisions are made by the author. It is your name on the cover, the book is your personal creation. Our job is to make certain that the final product is one that fulfills your dream and is a book of which you can be proud.

Assisted Self Publishing


Whether you want a hardback, paperback, e-book or something far beyond, our experts take care to insure that it is produced to the highest possible standards and at the best price available. If you are printing just a few copies or many thousands, we make certain that high quality is maintained. You will receive a finished book that will be of a standard worthy of your marketing and sales efforts.

Hybrid Publishing


Hybrid Publishing offers the same advantages of a traditional publisher. Your book will be published under one of our imprints, and we will handle all aspects of marketing, sales and distribution. This insures that your book will receive the widest possible exposure and all the support you need. We select books that speak to a wide audience and have commercial appeal.

Design & Editorial Services


Hire an expert.

It is our belief that the best work comes from a creative partnership between editors, designers and the client. All authors - even the most experienced - benefit from expert help and advice. We make certain that any editor or designer chosen to work with you likes what you have written and will help to make what is good even better.

The business of publishing is constantly changing and evolving. Our combined experience in the field will offer you the advice and help you need to understand the market and make informed decisions.


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